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The South Tower Power-Down

911 Mysteries features alleged South Tower 'power-down' and other claims by Scott Forbes.

Scott Forbes: "We were notified three weeks in advance of the power down by the Port Authority. That was relatively short notice to plan to shut down all of our banking systems. It was a big deal. It was unprecedented. We had a data center on the 97th floor, so our originating servers were all there. During that weekend, the power down meant there was no security. The doors were all open, basically. And also, the security video cameras were all off. But, there were guys in overalls carrying huge toolboxes and reels of cable ... walking around the building on that weekend."
  • Powerdown would have been noticed by thousands and left records.
    • Remains entirely uncorroborated by independent sources.
    • Scott Forbes has failed to verify that he worked at the WTC.
    • Scott Forbes has failed to produce any corroboration of the alleged power-down.
  • Powerdown makes no sense as a cover story for covert installations.
    • Is much too noticable.
    • Is unnecessary and implausible for the alleged purpose:
      • Bandwidth upgrades don't require power interruption.
      • AC upgrades would require brief interruptions in power, at most.
      • Half of an occupied skyscraper would never be powered down intentionally.
  • Forbes' account contradicts known functions of building systems.
    • Security systems have uninterrupted power.
    • A failure of power to a security system would leave the doors openable only by key.
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