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Giuliani's Command Center

23rd floor of building was a bunker housing Giuliani's Emergency Command Center. It had:

  • bullet- and bomb-resistant windows
  • an independent, secure air and water supply
  • the ability to withstand winds of 160 MPH
  • an unobstructed view of entire height of both towers

Command center was built in 1998, in response to 1993 bombing.
It was designed to respond to terrorist attack.
Yet on 9/11/01 it was supposedly abandoned.
Giuliani did not go to Building 7 that morning.
Instead, he went to makeshift headquarters on Barkley St.
He told ABC's Peter Jennings on 9/11/01
he received advance notice of the impending collapses:

We were operating out of [the makeshift headquarters] when we were told that the World Trade Center was gonna collapse, and it did collapse before we could get out of the building.

Unfortunately the nearly 400 firefighters who were killed by the unexpected collapses did not have the benefit of this knowledge.

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